Телингатер Соломон



Библиофилы России. Том XIV. 2018. Москва: Любимая Россия, 2018. С. 299-331.

Solomon Telingater. RECOLLECTIONS. Preface by Vladimir Telingater

Memoirs dedicated to the art of the book of the 1920s in Russia, a time when a new graphic language was emerging. The article relates episodes concerning the works of painters — Solomon Telingater’s contemporaries. Special attention is paid to the constructivists El Lissitzky, A.Rodchenko, and others of the Russian avant-garde.

О Вернере Клемке

Библиофилы России. Том XIII. 2017. Москва: Любимая Россия, 2017. С. 525–556.